Club History

The Wharton Alumni Club of Greece was established in Athens in 2003 with the dual goal of connecting alumni of the Wharton School and allowing people interested in Wharton to learn more about us. We aim to encourage and facilitate communication between our members, with specific reference to their scientific, professional and social interests. Our activities in the past have involved social gatherings, networking, connecting with other Ivy League alumni clubs in Greece. We also aim to maintain close links with the Wharton School of Pennsylvania and support its educational work. We are particularly keen on following the progress of Greek students at the Wharton School and support them in any way it can.

Importantly, as Alumni of the top Business School in the world, we are keen promoters of Greek entrepreneurship in an increasingly globalized economy, and in the past have organized high profile events to support doing business across borders such as "The 1st Wharton Club of Greece Leadership forum Series" with official guest speaker the Governor of the Bank of Greece, Mr. Yiannis Stournaras held in Athens in January 2016, "Exostrefeia, as a factor of modernization and Development", organized in July 2005 in Athens and ‘the hugely successful 2011 event featuring Nassim Taleb, best-selling author of ‘The Black Swan’, as a keynote speaker.

The Club was founded by Mr. Christian Hadjiminas (1981 Alumni), who served as club’s president until June 2016 when Mr. Alexander Sarrigeorgiou ( 1982 alumni, founder and Vice President since 2003) was elected as the New President. The Club currently has 105 members residing in Greece and abroad. Since its establishment, it has been operating as a non-profit and is managed on a voluntary basis by the President and the Board, according to it’s by-laws.

Despite our modest beginning in 2003, we have by now become a well known Alumni Club in Greece with 105 members residing in Greece and abroad, and the coordinator of 19 Alumni Clubs with over 1500 active members.

We invite all Wharton graduates interested in Greece to join our Club!