Global Modular Courses for Alumni (GMC A+)



Join a unique hands-on Wharton learning experience exploring business challenges and opportunities in Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship and other industries in Buenos Aires, Aregentina.

You will hear from industry leaders through keynotes and panel discussions

You will experience immersive learning through site visits in collaboration with local alumni and friends of the School

You will participate in networking opportunities with industry leaders, local alumni, current students and faculty

We are bringing this innovative format of learning to you, the alumni of the Wharton School. Our first ever alumni GMC offering will be in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Most people relate Argentina to beef, natural resources and a turbulent economy. But today Argentina is exporting more creative services than meat and a full-fledged startup ecosystem is blossoming, with unicorns, accelerators and venture capital funds. The course will offer a mixture of site visits and experiential learning, together with some conceptual material and historical context as the basis for processing and making sense of the on-the-ground experiences. We will interact with the business and government leaders of this revolution that may transform the country, and we will unearth and explore the forces that explain how a creative economy can thrive even in some of the most challenging environments.


Join the Wharton experience in the rapidly changing regions around the world with GMC A+, an exclusive opportunity for Wharton alumni. Engage in first-hand exposure to business challenges and opportunities in regions undergoing transformation. Experience a unique combination of local immersion and networking, advanced academic concepts and emerging business issues through innovative teaching materials, access to live cases from the region through an interactive learning format. 

Global Modular Course for Alumni is an extension of the Global Modular Course academic platform offered to current Wharton students. You can learn more about the student GMC experience HERE.


Disclaimer:  If we are not able to reach capacity by March 13, we will cancel the program and refund all registration fees by March 20.



February 20, 2017 - March 13, 2017

$100 USD Deposit per attendee, to be paid upon registering 

Total Cost: $2,000 USD per attendee; balance of $1,900 USD to be collected by March 13, 2017.

The registration fee is all-inclusive of the 2 days of classroom experiences, scheduled networking events, site visits and hotel arrangements for three nights from May 25 to May 28. Flight arrangements are not included.